2024 Economic Impact on Dentist Considering Selling Their Practice

2024 Economic Impact on Dentist Considering Selling Their Practice


Is 2024 shaping up to be a favorable year for dentists contemplating the sale of their practices? Xite has meticulously gathered insights from leading investment banks, synthesizing their economic outlooks for the upcoming year. Our objective is to distill this information for our clients, shedding light on the potential implications for the dental market in the months ahead.  The economic scenarios outlined below can have implications for a dentist considering selling their dental practice. Let’s explore how each scenario might affect a dentist in such a situation: 

Base Case – “Soft Landing”:

  • If the economy experiences a soft landing with a modest slowdown and a 100bps Fed rate cut, it could create a relatively stable environment for the sale of a dental practice. 
  • The SP500’s modest increase could indicate overall market confidence, potentially benefiting the practice’s valuation. 
  • Lower interest rates may be favorable for potential buyers seeking financing for the acquisition. 

Upside – “Goldilocks” Case:

  • In a scenario of continued robust GDP growth and a 150bps Fed rate cut, it could present an ideal market for selling a dental practice. 
  • A positive economic environment may attract more potential buyers, potentially leading to a competitive sale process. 
  • The higher SP500 projection indicates overall economic health, which may positively influence the value of the dental practice. 

Downside – “Hard Landing” Case:

  • A hard landing with a moderate recession and a substantial 425bps Fed rate cut might create a challenging selling environment. 
  • Economic uncertainty and a declining SP500 could impact buyer confidence, potentially affecting the valuation of the dental practice. 
  • Buyers may be more cautious, and financing conditions might become less favorable. 

Considerations for the Dentist: 

  • Timing: The economic scenario could influence the timing of the sale. In more favorable conditions, the dentist might consider proceeding with the sale, while in a less favorable environment, they might choose to wait for a more stable market. 
  • Valuation: Economic conditions directly impact the valuation of businesses. A dentist should assess how each scenario might affect the perceived value of their practice and adjust expectations accordingly. 
  • Financing: Changes in interest rates can impact buyer financing options. In a scenario with lower rates, buyers may find it more attractive to acquire businesses, potentially increasing the pool of potential buyers. 

Ultimately, a dentist considering selling their practice should closely monitor economic conditions, interest rates, and market trends. Consulting with financial and business advisors would be essential to navigate the potential impact of these economic scenarios on the sale process and ensure informed decision-making. 


In addition to the economic scenarios outlined, the fact that 2024 is an election year introduces another layer of consideration for a dentist contemplating the sale of their dental practice. Historically, the Federal Reserve has been cautious about initiating rate-cutting cycles during election years. This raises the possibility that any significant monetary policy adjustments, such as the anticipated Fed rate cuts in the scenarios, might be implemented earlier in the year rather than closer to November, however the Fed just announces they are not anticipating a rate cut in March. The uncertainty associated with election years can influence market dynamics and buyer behavior. Potential buyers may adopt a more cautious approach, closely monitoring political developments, which could impact their decision-making process and the overall climate for business transactions. Dentists evaluating the sale of their practice should be attuned to the potential influence of election-year dynamics on market conditions and may choose their timing accordingly. Seeking guidance from financial and legal advisors becomes particularly crucial in navigating the intricacies of a sale during an election year. 



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