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Xite Realty is the premier medical and dental real estate services company serving dentists, optometrists, physicians, and veterinarians.

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The Xite Team


Santee Hathaway - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Santee Hathaway

Tommy Newton - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Tommy Newton

Michael Tatum - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Michael Tatum

Patrick Valentz Dental Office Space Broker_Xite Realty

Patrick Valentz

Scott Womack Medical Real Estate Expert_Xite Realty

Scott Womack

Senior Vice President
Drew Etheridge Dental Broker Houston Texas_Xite Realty

Drew Etheridge

Senior Vice President
Brandon Fauley - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Brandon Fauley

Senior Vice President
Austin Cure Dental Real Estate Broker_Xite Realty

Austin Cure

Vice President
Quy Nguyen - Dental Real Estate Realtor in San Antonio - Xite Realty

Quy Nguyen

Vice President

Amanda Curreri

Vice President

Philip Ranger

Vice President
Geoff Waddell - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Geoff Waddell

Vice President
Duff Bourassa - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Duff Bourassa

Vice President
Travis Shafer - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Travis Shafer

Digital Marketing Director
Chantel Livengood - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Chantel Livengood

Sales Operations Manager
Angela Fox Office Manager & Executive Assistant in Houston_Xite Realty

Angela Fox

Executive Office Manager
Will Deltuva - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Will Deltuva

Technology Manager
Albert Miles - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Albert Miles

Senior Associate
Chris Boyd - Dental Real Estate Realtor in Houston - Xite Realty

Chris Boyd

Senior Associate
Tristen Palori Austin Dental Broker_Xite Realty

Tristen Palori

Blake Johnson - Dental Real Estate Realtor in Houston - Xite Realty

Blake Johnson

Senior Associate
Tommi Linh Patterson Texas Dental Broker in Houston_Xite Realty

Tommi Patterson

Jacob Frenza - Healthcare Real Estate Broker_Xite Realty

Jacob Frenza

Sam Meaders - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Sam Meaders

Will Leonard - Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Will Leonard

Charles Lloyd

Charles Lloyd


Working at Xite Realty

Our team of medical and dental real estate experts is expanding to serve our growing client base of dentists, optometrists, physicians, and veterinarians across the U.S.

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