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Xite Realty is the premier medical and dental real estate services company serving dentists, optometrists, physicians, and veterinarians.

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Santee Hathaway

Santee Hathaway Healthcare Real Estate Broker Dallas

Originally from Midland, Texas, Santee moved to Dallas after graduating from Texas A&M University. He enjoys anything outdoors and spending time with his wife, Erin, and daughter, Blakely. 

Santee Hathaway


Santee has over 15 years of real estate experience representing clients throughout the United States and Canada. During his career, Santee has always solely represented the tenant or doctor and has been able to apply his vast experience and exposure to all avenues of real estate to each client and every transaction.

Santee has represented physicians, dentists, urgent care providers, veterinarians, outpatient facilities, freestanding emergency departments, manufacturers, air ambulance hangers, technology companies, and insurance providers. Over the past eight years, Santee’s focus has shifted to the retailization of health care real estate and how specifically that affects doctors or dentists in site selection, demographic qualifications, and lease negotiations.

Due to Santee’s freestanding emergency department experience, he has been invited to speak at the Emergency Department Practice Management Association (EDPMA) Solutions Summit, the National Association of Freestanding Emergency Centers (NAFEC) Conference, and the American College Of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly regarding the retailization of healthcare and the scientific approach to site selection for freestanding emergency departments and micro hospitals.

He has assisted his clients in multi-state expansions, sale leasebacks, investment sales, as well as negotiated incentive and abatement packages from municipalities across the U.S.