5 Keys to Dental Practice Design


When you’re looking to open a new dental practice or refurbish an existing office, you might think about amenities, the latest technology, or even the right TV size for your waiting room, but what matters most to patients might just surprise you. Know the five keys to perfect dental practice design, and you’ll always exceed patients’ expectations.

The 5 Most Important Design Elements

Once you find the perfect practice, consider these five small design elements that make a huge difference for you and your patients:

  1. Hear no evil – the high-pitched whir of the dental drill is the most frequently cited cause of dental anxiety, and if your patients can hear it from the waiting room or other operatories…you’re more likely to deal with cases of dental distress. Muffle, mute, or redirect noise with soundproofing, insulation, and other design elements.

  2. See no evil – the last thing any patient wants to see when they enter the office is someone in a dental chair. Make sure there is a distinct separation between the waiting room and operatory. Your patients’ first impression should be one of calm and comfort.

  3. Cleanliness – many dentists post stats about their dental school accolades and the number of continuing education hours they complete on their websites, but patients may be more interested in sanitation practices. If patients see and experience a clean, sterilized practice they feel more at ease, and are more likely to return.

  4. Ergonomics – this is essential for you and your patient. Make sure you protect your back, neck, hands, and wrists while you work, and consider patients’ ergonomic needs when choosing equipment.

  5. The right footprint – operatories typically range from 85 to 131 square feet, but the larger the operatory, the more a practice pays out in rent, construction cost, utilities, and other expenses. Create patient areas that are large enough to feel comfortable and accommodate necessary equipment, but don’t make rooms so large they’re excessively expensive which typically translates to increased cost for patients.

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