Dentists in Houston Heights Donate to Habitat for Humanity

When Dr. Jeff Chu and Dr. Amber Chu made the decision to build a new dental practice, they engaged Xite Realty to take advantage of its site selection expertise, development and project management services. They wanted a location in The Heights area of Houston because of its historic feel, population density, and the exciting revitalization that has been taking place over the last few years.

They wanted their practice to be in an area where they would have the opportunity to plant roots and become a part of the larger community.

Xite Realty identified a location on the northwest corner of 20th and Harvard that was ideal for their project and consistent with the doctors’ vision. It is adjacent to a middle school, restaurants, shops, and residential areas. In addition, the property is home to two buildings, one of which is the historic Banta house, which was built in 1918 by candy manufacturer, Jonathan E Banta and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“It was really love at first sight, Dr. Amber Chu was able to see the potential right when we turned onto the property. Within seconds she identified what her plan was for the Banta House, and where she wanted to build her dental practice,” said Patrick Valentz, Principal of Xite Realty.

Working with Xite’s development team, the doctors engaged architect Derek Webb, Principal of DEK Studio, for his experience with other projects in the area, appreciation for the historic Banta house, and eye for clean, modern design in order to bring their vision to reality. The doctors intend on giving the Banta house some much needed TLC, while maintaining the original and historic attributes, and turning it into commercial office space, which will be available in the fall of 2018.

In keeping with their vision to make an impact on the community, they are working with Habitat for Humanity to use a selective demolition process to remove the other existing building on the property to make way for their new dental practice.

As a part of this process, Habitat for Humanity deconstructs the building by hand, piece by piece to salvage materials which will be donated and used in other Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County projects. Once the salvageable materials have been removed, the remaining items will be removed with a traditional demolition process. In its place, the doctors will construct a building that features their dental office on the first floor and two residential units, complete with rooftop balconies, on the second floor. If you’re interested in opening your dental office space in Houston, Texas, contact Patrick Valentz at Xite Realty to discuss your practice goals.