Dental Real Estate 101: Start-ups to Ground-ups and Everything in Between


Drew Etheridge, Vice President of Xite Realty and Texas Dental Practice Podcast host, is bringing you the inside scoop on real estate for dentists. This is a comprehensive look at dental practice real estate for all dentists throughout their career.

Whether you’re an associate or an established dentist who wants to retire soon, there’s relevant and applicable information in Drew’s podcasts (a three-part series) and webinar (scroll to the bottom). The show notes below will help you skip ahead to the content you’re most interested in!

Podcast Part One: Dental Real Estate

In part one, Drew shares the importance of a dental real estate broker, patient demographics and competition ratios, and lease details that are relevant to dentists. Click here to listen to this podcast.

  • The importance of a using commercial real estate broker who specializes in serving dentists 7:00

  • How much does it cost to use a broker? 7:45

  • What are the benefits to choosing a dental real estate broker? 9:00

  • The difference between choosing a space with a for lease sign in the window and researching all the options based on demographic data 10:00

  • Pitfalls of using someone to represent you who does not specialize in dental real estate 10:40

  • How to aggressively negotiate a lease or purchase to get the best price 12:20

  • The demographics Xite Realty uses to identify optimal locations for dentists 13:12

  • The biggest factors to consider with competition analysis 14:25

  • Advice for using competition ratios to target an area 18:30


Podcast Part Two: Dental Real Estate

In part two, Drew shares the pros and cons of starting up, expanding, and relocating your dental office space. Click here to listen to the podcast.

  • How to lease dental office space for startups, expansions, and relocations 1:36

  • What does “triple net” mean for dentists leasing office space? 3:22

  • How do dentists avoid paying base rent while their offices are under construction? 5:00

  • Common pitfalls of negotiating letters of intent (LOIs) incorrectly 6:30

  • What should landlords be responsible for? 7:27

  • How to avoid competition taking space next to your office 8:15

  • Maximizing your signage rights 9:11

  • How to prepare your lease now for potentially selling or subleasing later 10:00

  • What are the pros and cons of start-up dental practices 11:06

  • When should you begin pursuing a start-up? 14:00

  • What are the positives and negatives of expansion projects (multiple practices)? 15:34

  • How to strategically plan for growth and additional locations 18:45

  • What are the pros and cons of relocating your dental office? 19:14

  • How to stop paying rent and own your office 19:30


Podcast Part Three: Dental Real Estate

In part three, Drew discusses options for purchasing real estate and managing dental real estate projects. Click here to listen to the podcast.

  • The importance of the feasibility and inspection period 2:05

  • Common considerations for building ground up vs. renovating an existing space 3:28

  • The positives and negatives of purchasing an existing building 7:30

  • The pros and cons of purchasing land for ground-up construction 11:00

  • Q&A period featuring questions submitted by dentists 15:10


Webinar: Dental Real Estate: Start-ups to Ground-ups and Everything in Between

previously recorded by the TDA Perks Program