Hot Markets in Austin, Texas for Start-up Dentists


In this episode of the Texas Dental Practice Podcast, Drew Etheridge interviews Austin Cure to discuss the hot areas in Austin for start-up dentists, common misconceptions about the saturation of the market, and advice for dentists interested in opening a practice.


Austin Cure, associate at Xite Realty, helps dentists open, expand, and relocate their dental offices in the Austin-area market. He takes a data-driven approach to identifying dental office space in underserved communities, such as East Austin, Buda, Lakeway, and Austin proper.

Austin shares areas of opportunity for specialists, such as endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons.

Show Notes:

  • Hot parts of Austin for general dentists 2:40

  • The biggest misconception about the Austin market 4:23

  • The most important piece of advice for dentists moving to Austin 5:48

  • Areas in the Austin market that have a shortage of specialists 7:03

  • Lightning round 8:22