How to Leverage Demographics to Identify a Practice Location

In our webinar, How to Leverage Demographics to Identify a Practice Location, you’ll learn how healthcare providers are taking a data-driven approach to selecting successful private practice offices and attracting their ideal patient population.

Gain an understanding of the data you should use, how to evaluate demographics, and the four most critical factors for prime medical office space, as well as proven strategies for opening a practice efficiently and effectively.

This webinar is right for you if:

  • You’re considering opening a practice or clinic but don’t know where your office should be.

  • You know demographics are important to site selection but don’t have access to the data or know what data points should be evaluated.

  • You wish you had access to resources and best practices to walk you through selecting a location and opening a practice.

We want to ensure that as a healthcare provider, your practice is in an area that’s underserved, needs the services only you can provide, and has long-term opportunities for high growth.

Join us as we:

  • Dive into the critical data points that will help you select a location for your new or expanding practice.

  • Hit on how to evaluate the competition in your target areas (e.g., competition ratio, patient population differences).

  • Take a look at how other healthcare providers use a data-driven approach to selecting private practice offices that attract their ideal patient population.

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