New Year, New Website!


Xite Realty proudly presents our newly redesigned website,!

To better serve our healthcare clients, we’ve decided to redesign our website and marketing collateral. We believe it’s important to be a trusted resource for our clients and the go-to place for educational materials about the real estate market for healthcare providers.

The goals for the new website were derived from client needs, accessibility to healthcare-specific real estate market research, and advanced aesthetic and technology capabilities. In addition to a new layout and design, new features on the website include:

  • Client spotlight: We are very proud of our clients’ accomplishments, which is why photos and videos of our clients’ practices are showcased throughout the website. The Success Stories page will unfold how we’ve helped our clients through case studies and testimonials.

  • Streamlined navigation and search function: The navigation now highlights the most important information about our services and company. And the site now has a search function that allows website visitors to quickly find the exact information they need.

  • Increased accessibility: The website is responsive and easy to read from any computer, phone, and tablet. Plus, there are more ways to connect with us, such as Facebook Messenger and contact forms for every team member. Our goal is to respond to our inquiries as soon as possible to help our clients move quickly on highly sought-after real estate opportunities (see Five Star ER as an example).

  • Hub of market research: Our team members are the experts of commercial real estate for healthcare providers. They understand the complexities that inherently come with developing and opening office spaces for medical practices and facilities. With the new Insights page, our experts will share best practices, lessons learned, market trends, and more that will educate healthcare providers interested in learning about real estate.

We continually strive to provide resources that help our clients make educated, data-driven decisions for their practice. It’s important to us to listen to our clients’ needs, which is why we welcome feedback on our new website! Please contact us to let us know how we can better serve you through our website, educational resources, and marketing material.

From all of us at Xite Realty, we wish you a blessed New Year!