Vital Considerations When Opening & Equipping a New Dental Office


When it comes to opening a new office for your dental practice, a seemingly limitless number of options lie before you. You have a vision in mind, and you want to ensure that the office you ultimately create adheres to that ideal. With help from the right consultants, contractors, engineers, and suppliers, it is possible to build the practice of your dreams and an office space that reflects your intended values. Keep the following in mind when developing your plan for the perfect dental office.

Budgeting for a New Office

Ideally, the budget required to design and construct a new office space for your practice should be formulated during your first visit with your consultant. Begin by crafting a detailed plan, line by line, that includes every aspect of development; this includes everything from real estate and design to the software, technology, and marketing you’ll use to grow your business. When you know where every dollar is going and when each component of the process will be complete, you’ll feel more in control of the entire project from the beginning.

When it is time to purchase equipment – from chairs, computers, and everyday tools to sterilization, imaging, and radiography systems – you want to find a dealer who is committed to partnering with you for the life of your practice. It is your equipment dealer’s job to make sure that you are successful in the long-term, providing you with not only top-of-the-line technology and supplies, but sound and trustworthy advice regarding current and future purchases.

Equipment: Thinking Toward the Future

Regarding those future purchases, it is especially beneficial to consider your practice’s potential for growth before construction of your office is even completed. While you may only require one sterilization center now, for instance, you might find that your client base expands to the point that more are needed within a few short years. Having a trusted equipment dealer in your corner from the very beginning is critical to success, convenience, and peace of mind down the line.

The Importance of Reliable Resources

It is important to remember that many designers, engineers, and other development professionals often have their own ideas regarding standards and procedures when building an office. Be sure that it is your dream that is being realized every step of the way with the right consultants on your side. Extracting your vision from your mind and manifesting it properly should be their primary objective from day one. It is your ideal and your concepts that will ultimately form the basis for a strong and successful practice for years to come.

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