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Xite Realty is the premier medical and dental real estate services company serving dentists, optometrists, physicians, and veterinarians.

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Private Doctor-to-Doctor Transition

Xite Practice Sales specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of medical and dental practices for successful transitions.

Private Doctor-to-Doctor Transition

At Xite, we specialize in facilitating private doctor-to-doctor transitions, often occurring when a practitioner is looking towards retirement or aiming to scale back their involvement. This process is not merely about transferring ownership; it's about passing the torch and ensuring the legacy of quality patient and staff care is continued by the right successor.

It’s a critical time, where the outgoing doctor’s life work and dedication to their practice are honored by finding a fitting new owner who can uphold and build upon the established values and standards.

Understanding the significance of this transition, our mission extends to securing the highest possible sale price for our clients, recognizing that for many, the sale represents a substantial portion of their retirement funds. However, the journey encompasses more than just financial considerations. We meticulously navigate through other crucial aspects such as the transition period, determining the seller’s role during this phase, whether it involves continuing patient care or offering guidance to ensure a seamless handover.

Moreover, Xite adeptly manages lease assignments for those leasing their practice spaces, and for those owning their property, we facilitate the negotiation of new lease terms with the buyer or handle the sale of the real estate. Our comprehensive dental/medical real estate division, Xite Realty, enables us to position any associated real estate optimally for investment sales, ensuring every facet of your transition is covered with professionalism and care. This is one area Xite stands apart from the competition, no other firm takes the care to maximize value through both the Practice and the Real Estate as we have expert teams in both these fields that work together, not a transitions broker pretending to be a medical real estate professional.  For a deeper dive into how we manage these intricate transitions and real estate matters, visit our Transitions Real Estate section.


Xite boasts the most precise database of prospective buying doctors in the nation, encompassing real medical professionals with whom we’ve personally engaged, fully understanding their career trajectory. We begin fostering these relationships early on, starting when they are in their 3rd and 4th year of medical school, and continue supporting them as they transition into associates, move on to purchase or start their first practice, expand into owning multiple practices, or choose to remain as associates. This in-depth insight into their career path allows us to precisely match buyers with the right practices.  This is especially valuable when representing a specialist.  The buyer pools for Orthodontist, Endodontist, Periodontist, Oral Surgeons, Pediatric Dentist, and Prosthodontist are much smaller than General Dentist, therefore an accurate database is essential when identifying qualified specialist buyers.

Recognizing that buyers need a robust support system to navigate the complexities of acquiring a practice, Xite plays a crucial role in assembling a team of seasoned healthcare specialists for them. Many buyers initially lack such a team, so we step in to connect them with top-notch CPAs, attorneys, consultants, and lenders who specialize in healthcare. This proactive approach does not create any conflict of interest; instead, it ensures that our clients benefit from a smooth transaction process characterized by a high certainty of closing. By facilitating the formation of a comprehensive support network for buyers, we not only aid them in their quest but also enhance the overall transaction experience for our clients, ensuring both parties achieve their desired outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Buying a Practice

Our practice acquisition specialists are committed to helping you find a practice that fulfills your goals.

Finding a good practice to buy is very difficult. Plus once you identify a practice for sale, if you aren’t already late, you might be competing with several other buyers from individual dentists to DSO’s and corporations. To put yourself in the best position, you need a team of experts. At Xite, we can help you put the right team together so you are ready when the right practice hits the market.


"I enjoyed working with Tommy Newton at Xite Acquisitions because he and his team were always responsive and took the time to educate me on the best strategies for selling my practice. I always felt like they had my best interest at heart and they were willing to put in the extra work to get the right buyer and the best deal for me." - Dr. Nicole Coconu

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