The Benefits of Choosing an Experienced Development Consultant for Your New Practice


The medical and dental industries are thriving in Texas and, as demand for personalized attention and experience grows, a source of proven client advocacy becomes vital in the successful development of new facilities. Whether you’re building a new dental practice from the ground up or you’re renovating an existing building to open a freestanding ER, you need to know that you’re getting the best in project management from the very beginning, before papers are signed and before ground is broken.

As development consultants, we work on the behalf of our clients to drive down costs and get the best value for their investment. We utilize years of construction experience and industry knowledge to simplify the process for our clients, taking into consideration every aspect of your business’s goals and future to ensure the best outcome possible.

The Risks of Going It Alone

Unfortunately, there are entities out there that adopt and practice surreptitious methods in their approach to construction and project management. Physicians, budding entrepreneurs, and other healthcare industry professionals seeking to develop a new practice are often unaware that they are being manipulated and misdirected in more ways than one. Lack of experience in the field of engineering, real estate, or construction, for example, shouldn’t amount to the loss of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is the job of the dedicated healthcare construction management consultants and project managers at Xite Realty to advocate for the client, to ensure that they are not taken advantage of at any point in the process. With our standardized bid format, we break down and dissect each and every component of the bids proposed in the construction of the new facility, making it easy to compare costs and completion times in a straightforward way.

A Smart Start for Your Business

Ultimately, it is the objective of Xite Realty’s development consultants to allow doctors to get back to what they do best: meeting the urgent healthcare needs of families all across Texas.

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