Tips for Selecting an Associate Position


As you prepare to graduate and begin practicing medicine, this pivotal point in your career presents an opportunity to learn valuable lessons from your peers and best practices from those in the healthcare industry.

At Xite Realty, we specialize in helping healthcare providers, such as dentists and optometrists, start-up their practices. We’ve picked up two tips for associating with a dental and an optometry practice that will help keep your options open if at some point you would like to open your own practice.

1. Associate with a group that is similar to the practice you want to own.

Get exposure to the patients and type of business you want in your own practice, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel later down the road.

2. Non-compete clauses can limit your options later.

Without close inspection, associateship employment contracts, particularly the non-compete clause, could drastically inhibit your future ability to start your practices in areas of your choosing.

  • Understand what you are signing.

  • Negotiate the smallest non-compete radius and the shortest non-compete period.

  • Don’t agree to a non-compete that covers multiple locations.

  • Don’t take the non-compete clause lightly.

An attorney who specializes in dental and optical employment contracts should review your employment agreement. Contact us for a recommendation for an attorney or to learn more about preparing for your future practice.